• Perform in talent show TV show with Prosenjeet Chatterjee.

Welcome to Tarar Khonje

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Tarar Khonje contest. Thank you to all participants for showing your incredible talents!



  • All participants of the ICICI Bank Tarar Khonje talent contest need to be resident Indians of West Bengal and Agartala above the age of 50.
  • Participants have to upload solo performances only. Group /Duet participation will not be accepted and will be subject to disqualification.
  • Participants who do not have a relationship with ICICI Bank can also participate in the ICICI Bank Tarar Khonje contest.
  • Participants can submit a maximum of three entries. The highest scoring entry will qualify for the final shortlist.
  • All participants’ entry into the competition will be deemed to constitute their acceptance of the contest Terms and Conditions.
  • Validation of mobile number through OTP is mandatory during the registration process for the contest.
  • All registered participants, by virtue of accepting the Terms & Conditions, provide their consent to be contacted for contest communication on their mobile number and e-mail ID.
  • Participants need to submit their Name, Mobile Number and PIN Code to upload their entry.
  • Participation entries should not contain anything that is defamatory, obscene, unlawful, offensive, private or otherwise unsuitable for all audiences of all ages.
  • In case a participant is referred by multiple people, the referral link used by the participant to register will be the one considered as valid. If any participant registers without using the referral link, he/she will not be considered as a referred participant.
  • Competition participation entries should not have any added watermarks in the photos or video files.
  • Decisions on the shortlisting/selection of winners for ICICI Bank Tarar Khonje contest made by the contest jury and ICICI Bank shall be final and binding.
  • Participants’ entries can be used by ICICI Bank in any way the Bank deems suitable, e.g. in communication like branch communication, e-mailers, social media, other media channels and other communication channels.
  • Shortlisted participants will be notified by e-mail/call on their registered e-mail id/mobile number post declaration of results. The results will be announced within 60 working days from the end date of the contest.
  • This is a skill-based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of winners.
  • Jury’s selection and the judging criteria will be at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank and decision of the jury and ICICI Bank are final and binding and will not be open to discussion
  • The selected participants may be asked to reproduce or recreate the artwork or performance submitted by them. In case a participant fails to do so, his/her entry may be disqualified.
  • Entries (submissions) and any original physical copies must be stored safely by the participants till the announcement of shortlisted participants for audit purposes.
  • Participant understands and agrees that he/she/they shall not have any claim against ICICI Bank, its directors, employees, associates, affiliates, etc. with respect to such use and shall not raise any objection or restriction regarding the use of his/her drawing/photos/videos/audios, at any time in the future for the proposed activity.
  • The entry must be an original artwork and not a replica of an existing artwork. All entries will be screened for plagiarism. Any entries that have employed any form of plagiarism or unfair means of advantage, will be subject to disqualification.
  • The participant has the right to replace an existing entry with a new entry by accessing his/her/their login account. However, the last submitted entries at the end of the contest period will be considered as final for the jury’s selection process.
  • When posting the entry to social media, include the hashtags #TararKhonje and tag @icicibank .
  • Participants can download a digital participation certificate instantly signed by Prosenjit Chatterjee and share the same on social media using hashtag #TararKhonje and tag @icicibank in the post.
  • The permitted video length per entry is up to 5 minutes & file size should not exceed 300 MB. Uploaded photos should not exceed specified file size limit of 10 MB.
  • Entries without an uploaded file will be disqualified.
  • Entries that qualify under the Singing Contest, Dancing Contest, Acting Contest, Playing an instrument, Art Contest(Painting Contest/Drawing Contest), Photography Contest, Poetry Competition, Aabriti/Storytelling contest and Stand-up comedy and Poetry Competition will be eligible for shortlisting.
  • Any acts involving mental/physical harm to self and others, violence and/or hurt religious sentiments will not be shortlisted.
  • Shortlisted participants will need to travel to Kolkata for a commercial shoot and to meet Prosenjit Chatterjee. In case they are unable to do so, it will lead to disqualification from the contest.
  • Travel and stay arrangements will be made for customers travelling from outside of Kolkata and participants should co-operate with all arrangements made by ICICI Bank.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All resident Indians of West Bengal and Agartala above the age of 50 can participate in the ICICI Bank Tarar Khonje talent competition.

It is an online contest where you can participate by uploading an entry that showcases your talent. Simply register using your email ID and mobile number and upload your entry.

You can refer your family members and friends (above the age of 50) by clicking ‘Refer a friend’ after logging in and sharing the link over WhatsApp or Facebook.

If a participant referred by you is shortlisted, you too will be invited to meet Prosenjit Chatterjee. To refer a friend/family, kindly click on “Refer a friend” and share the contest link over WhatsApp or Facebook.

There is only one round. Top entries from the first round will get a chance to feature on TV with Prosenjit Chatterjee.

There are no separate participation categories. However, you can upload entries under photography, art, (painting/drawing/sketching), acting, singing, music (playing a musical instrument), dancing, stand up comedy, story telling and poetry.

The programme shall run from February 10, 2024 to March 15, 2024. Dates may be extended as the contest progresses.

Registration ensures that we have your contact information and can send you relevant updates in regard to your participation.

Participants can submit a maximum of three entries.

Yes, you can participate in the ICICI Bank Tarar Khonje talent contest. All resident Indians (above the age of 50) of West Bengal and Agartala are eligible to participate.

No, you cannot submit entry on someone’s behalf. However, you can refer your friends and family members (above the age of 50) to participate in the contest.

You can upload photograph, video and audio files (Only JPG/JPEG/PNG/MP4/MOV/WAV/MP3 files formats are allowed) Photograph: The maximum file size of the image should not exceed 10 MB Video: The maximum file size and length of the video should not exceed 300 MB or 5 minutes in length. You can also share a Google Drive/YouTube/Vimeo/Dropbox link for your Photo/Audio/Video entries.

Please check the file size and format of your entry. In case the file uploaded adheres to all the above said criteria and you still fail to upload, kindly write to us at support@tararkhonje.com

No, you are requested to register your e-mail ID and mobile number by visiting the nearest ICICI Bank branch.

The jury appointed for Tarar Khonje contest, will shortlist the participants based on talent showcased in the submitted entry.

Yes, you have the right to replace an existing entry with a new entry. However, the latest three submitted entries at the end of the contest period will be considered as final.

This is a skill-based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of the winners.

After submitting the entry in the contest, the original physical copy has to be stored safely for audit purposes for at least 2 months after the announcement of the winners. If you are the winner/shortlisted participant, we will need the original copy of the same.

Yes. Only in MP3 format. You can upload the songs sung in Smule or StarMaker or any such app, only in MP3 format. The song needs to be converted into MP3 format using Smule or StarMaker Downloader. Direct upload of Smule or StarMaker recording will be disqualified.

Yes, you can share your moderator-approved submitted entry over social media platforms once it appears in “My Entries” section. Make sure your shared post is public, use the hashtag #TararKhonje and refer your friends to participate!


“Applicable Laws” means the laws of India and all the statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances, notifications, orders, guidelines and policies notified or promulgated pursuant thereto and modifications thereof in force from time to time.
“Contest” means the ‘ICICI Bank Tarar Khonje
“Contest Period” shall mean the period from 12:00:00 a.m. of February 10, 2024 till 11:59:59 p.m. of March 15, 2024 as per Indian Standard Time.
“ICICI Bank” shall mean ICICI Bank Limited, India.
“Participant”/ “You”/ “Your”/ “He”/ “She” shall mean all those individuals (resident and non-resident Indians above the age of 50) who reside in West Bengal and Agartala who participate in the Contest.
“Submission” shall mean any Photo, Video or Audio file uploaded by a Participant.
“Terms” / “Contest Rules” shall mean these terms and conditions are applicable to the Contest.
”Website” shall mean https://tararkhonje.com
“Shortlisted” shall mean all those

  • Participants who have been shortlisted by the jury and who may need to perform their talent for a shoot made for television in the presence Mr. Prosenjit Chatterjee on TV

“Entry Submission” shall mean the

  • Participant have to upload Photo (jpg/png/jpeg format), Audio (wav/mp3 format) up to 10 MB and Video (mp4/mov format up to 300 MB and time duration up to 1 min)


  • Participant is given option to share the Google Drive/YouTube/iCloud link of their entry

“Disclaimer” shall mean for all the categories

  • Participant has to declare that the entry submitted by him/her is genuine and their own and is not taken from any other sources. ICICI Bank shall not be liable for any litigation arising out of their submission.

A. Rights of Participant:
Participant/s has the right to obtain a copy of processed personal information and data held by ICICI Bank about him/her. He/She may also request ICICI Bank to update and correct any out-of-date or incorrect personal information held by it. To obtain the previously mentioned copy of information or to place a request for the said updation or for any query concerning our policy on data protection and privacy, participant can walk into the nearest branch on or before March 15, 2024.

B. Disclosure of information:
The information, if any, collected by ICICI Bank may be shared with the affiliated companies at home and abroad including the partners of ICICI Bank, joint ventures and with any future owners of the Website.

ICICI Bank may from time to time employ other companies and individuals to carry out functions on its behalf including delivering services, sending mail, providing marketing assistance, analysing data, providing customer service and for accounting and invoicing purposes. In order to carry out their functions efficiently, these companies and individuals may require access to personal information of the Participant. ICICI Bank shall only disclose such relevant personal information as is needed by them to perform their functions properly.

If so directed, ICICI Bank shall co-operate with any court, tribunal, regulatory body, police authority or other similar authority in any investigations or proceedings concerning Participant or his/her use of the Website. This may include disclosing information about communications transmitted via the services to the authorities whenever required.

Whilst we take measures to safeguard the personal information that Participant provides to us, no transmission over the internet can ever be guaranteed secure. Consequently, please note that ICICI Bank cannot guarantee the security of any personal information that you transfer to us over the internet due to practical constraints.

C. Nature of Information collected:
The following information of the Participant/s is collected and processed by ICICI Bank:

  • The information provided on registration and entry submission, such as full name, email-id, mobile number, pin code.
  • Information provided by the Participant/s on the Website.

D. Usage of Information:
The personal information collected from the Participant/s is used for the following purposes:

  • To facilitate the Contest in a personalized manner; and monitor the activities of the Participant/s in order to prevent any misuse of the Website and the services provided to the Participant/s.


  • The participation in the Contest is voluntary and it is understood, that the participation in the Contest by the Participants shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.
  • The participation in the Contest shall be deemed to be acceptance of all the terms and conditions governing the Contest.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to disqualify the Contest Partner/s or the Winner from the benefits of the Contest if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the Prize under the Contest or otherwise for participating in the Contest. The decision made by ICICI Bank with regard to disqualification of a Participant shall be final and binding.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to disqualify the Contest Partner/s or the Shortlisted Participant from the benefits of the Contest if:
    - He/she is identified as NPA in ICICI Bank records
    - Bank observes any fraudulent and suspicious activity in any of the accounts
    - He/she is found to have any negative or criminal record
    The decision made by ICICI Bank with regards to disqualification of a Participant shall be final and binding.
  • The Contest is subject to Applicable Laws and such other terms and conditions as may be stipulated by ICICI Bank.
  • All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts/tribunals of West Bengal.
  • All communication / queries/ notices with regard to the Contest should be addressed to the participant’s nearest Branch personnel
  • In all matters relating to the Contest, the decision of ICICI Bank shall be final and binding in all respects.
  • These terms and conditions shall be in addition to and not in substitution / derogation to the Terms and Conditions. All capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the respective meanings ascribed to it in the Terms and Conditions.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to revoke the Contest or modify / change all or any of the terms applicable to the Contest, participants and shortlisted participants as per its discretion without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. ICICI Bank also reserves the right to discontinue the Contest without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • ICICI Bank shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss/ damage /claim/injury that may arise due to withdrawal or change in the terms and conditions of the Contest.